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Health, Safety and Wellness September 07, 2020

What Are the Recommended Vaccines for Caregivers?

As a caregiver, you can't afford to get sick. Here are some recommended vaccines to keep you and the person in your care healthy and safe.

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Suicide Prevention and the Elderly

Suicide rates have been on the rise across the country, and that disturbing trend has hit the nation's seniors especially hard. The September edition of Brookdale’s Optimum Life Continuing Education series focuses on potential solutions to elderly suicide.

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Health, Safety and Wellness August 13, 2020

Feel Younger Than Yesterday With These 4 Tips

There may not be an actual fountain of youth, but these healthy habits may help you feel more rejuvenated and youthful than you did the day before!

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Low Vision: Impact and Interventions

New technologies and innovative intervention strategies are helping older people with various forms of low vision to adapt and overcome those challenges and are enabling them to lead more enjoyable and independent lives.

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Make Over Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Could a well-designed bedroom help you sleep better at night? Read more to find out.

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