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Health, Safety and Wellness October 09, 2019

The Power of Pets: How Furry Friends Can Improve Your Health

Pets offer companionship, but that's not the only benefit they provide. Learn how pets can improve the health of senior adults.

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How We Partner With Our Residents Physicians to Improve Outcomes

The healthcare industry is seeing the potential positive impact senior living can have on patients. Here at Brookdale, we want to continue to grow and set the stage for a healthcare-focused assisted living environment. This is why we collaborate with primary care physicians across the country.

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Health, Safety and Wellness October 01, 2019

Could Humans Live to Be 1,000 Years Old?

Whether it was the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone or the Fountain of Youth, people have been searching for a cure for aging for thousands of years. In today’s medically advanced world, are we any closer to finding it?

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Health, Safety and Wellness September 17, 2019

Tips for Falling Down More Safely

Read on for a few tips on how to land more safely and even potentially avoid falls in the first place.

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Health, Safety and Wellness August 19, 2019

Red Flags That May Signal a Senior Scam

Even people who are aware of scams can sometimes get tricked, because fraudsters are very convincing. Here are a few red flags that you might be the target of a scam.

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